An event in the renovated Yeshurun ​​hall improves every family joy in a warm and intimate atmosphere. The air-conditioned hall contains up to 120 seats at tables equipped with an amplification system and technological aids for screening movies and presentations. The hall is suitable for Bar Mitzvah, Engagement, Sheva Brachot, Brit Milahs, birthdays and any other family event.

Bar Mitzva

A Bar Mitzva in the Yeshurun, is a most memorable occasion for the Barmitzva and his family. We have Bar Mitzva boys who come from orthodox families, and non orthodox families, who live in Israel and around the world.

Our specialty is to create a warm atmosphere, in which the Barmitzva party will feel  at home. Every detail of the big day is discussed with the family, the portion of the weeks Parsha that the Bar Mitzva will read, the number of honors requested for family and friends.

Prior to the Shabbat the Bar Mitzva will have a dress rehearsal In the Sanctuary, to familiarize him with the synagogue. The Bar Mitzva will be called to his Aliya by the Synagogue Chazan, Following his Aliya, he will receive a blessing from a member of the congregation, who has met or spoken to the young man. He will be given a Certificate to commemorate the special day.

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