The Yeshurun Vision

Building Jewish Life Together in Jerusalem
We devote all our efforts to meeting the challenge of Torah-based Jewish life in modern Israel:

Upholding the Zionist values of Yeshurun founder Rabbi Avraham Yitzhak Ha-Cohen Kook, whose broad vision continues to provide a basis for national unity.
Making the Torah relevant and accessible to all who want to learn, including English speakers, women, youth and pensioners.
Putting Torah theory into practice through responsible community involvement.
Networking with Jewish sources around the country and around the world, “to build and to be built” in Zion.
The Yeshurun Organisation has three components; tefilla (prayer), torah study and charity..
The Services are in nusach Ashkenaz- Hagra with regular daily services.
The Synagogue Chazan ( Cantor) Asher Hainovitz conducts services on Shabbat, Chagim ( Festivals) and the High Holydays.
The High Holyday Services are attended by The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yona Metzger
Kabbalat Shabbat on Shabbat Mevorchin, is “Carlebach Style”,with the synagogue chazan, Asher Hainovitz, & the Jerusalem Cantorial Choir
A Bar-Mitzva, Shabbat Chatan, or other s’machot in the Yeshurun, gives an extra dimension to the event.
Shiurim (lectures), given by Rabbis of the highest caliber on a wide range of subjects,take place daily. Most of the Shiurim are in Hebrew.
The Yeshurun Charity Fund has no expenses and therefore 100% of all donations are distributed to the needy.
The Yeshurun also holds a Communal Seder for over 120 people for those who have no means to make a Seder.